Civil Works

City Coast Services can provide various civil work services, ranging from earthworks to infrastructure repairs.

City Coast Services has a dedicated team across a diverse range of specialised services, on call 24 hours a day for emergency response situations. A fast response is guaranteed to assess the damage and tackle the tasks at hand.

We can rapidly deploy a range of earthmoving equipment including excavators, skid steers, large and medium-sized tip trucks. We adhere to all safety regulations and our procedures have been designed to minimise the impact on the local community and environment.

Types of Civil Works we do

With a range of earthmoving equipment including excavators, skid steers, large and medium-sized tip trucks, City Coast Services offer earthworks and excavation services throughout various locations in the Illawarra and down the South Coast. Our highly experienced earthmoving team strive to exceed our clients’ expectations, while consistently providing safe work practices. All of our earthwork operations are delivered on time and within budget and carefully planned and executed to minimise any impact on the environment.
City Coast Services has a proven ability to manage a varied and complex range of road maintenance and construction projects, including Berry to Bomaderry (B2B). Our company has a long and impeccable record of exceeding our clients’ roadwork requirements and expectations and delivering projects on time and to the highest quality standards.
With quick access to materials from our extensive supplier network we able to repair damaged infrastructure on time and on budget. Locally we are trusted and relied upon. We are experts in handling a broad range of construction projects and meeting clients’ expectations. Some services include:

• Plain Concrete

• Coloured Concrete (full depth or oxide application)

• Exposed Aggregate

• Stencil

• Sealed Surface

City Coast Services caters for a broad scope of maintenance works, from something as small as a crack in a footpath to large civil and landscaping construction projects. We have a range of well-developed systems to enable fast turnaround times, smooth management of multiple projects and a high standard of work that minimises hazards to people and the surrounding environment.
We can provide, design and construct packages fit for purpose, including “As Constructed Plans”, which simplifies management requirements for our clients. We are skilled at managing flood damage repairs, as well as improvements to existing drainage infrastructure such as constructing pipe connections and extensions. We are also able to tackle more complex issues and repair damaged stormwater pipes.

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